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Jardìn Botànico Las Orquìdeas

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map ecuador restoration
Map of reserve in relationship to Ecuador.

land purchase
Map of Jardin Botanico Las Qrquideas and the land that they seek to purchase

epidendrum macrocarpum
Epidendrum macrocarpum

Trail through Jardin Botanico Las Orquideas

Pasture land adjacent to the orchid garden to be purchased

neighboring land
Pasture land adjacent to the orchid garden to be purchased

Secondary restored
Secondary restored rainforest

anguloa virginalis
Anguloa virginalis

Orchid Habitat Restoration and Preservation

Restoration in the Orchid and Botanical Garden of Puyo, Ecuador

photos and text by Matt Bare and Omar Tello

The Jardìn Botànico las Orquìdeas is a small botanical reserve located in the Ecuadorian Amazon, on the outskirts of the growing city of Puyo. The reserve was founded 30 years ago by an Ecuadorian family, and has been restored from a denuded pasture to a healthy secondary forest, complete with more than 250 species of orchids from Ecuadorian cloud forest and rainforest. Recently the number of birds and mammals such as monkeys, sloths, guatusas, and anteaters visiting the reserve has significantly increased; however, the reserve is too small to provide a permanent habitat.

Neighboring land to the orchid reserve, a potential corridor between the reserve and the lower Rio Puyo watershed, is currently for sale. The landanguloa virginalis is 25 hectares (61.78 acres) for $250,000 US dollars (Ecuador's currency is the US dollar). Currently looking for $125,000.00 in donations with the rest to come in matching funds. The land is owned by one family and currently used for agriculture, and if not purchased soon, the owner has plans to subdivide into housing lots. The danger of the land going to housing will increase as the road bordering the land is going to be paved in the next year or two, which will most likely increase the demand and/or raise the price.                                 
                 Anguloa virginalis

The Orchid and Botanical Garden is interested in purchasing the land outright or in some kind of partnership purchase with the local government, another NGO, or private donor(s). The Jardìn Botànico Las Orquìdeas would then assume the work of restoring the land to forest, applying techniques and lessons learned from the past 30 years of restoration. This new land presents a once in a lifetime opportunity to capitalize on a generation`s worth of ecological restoration, and provide crucial habitat for generations to come.

You can read more about their restoration work at Jardìn Botànico las Orquìdeas website and the JBLO OCC webpage.

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The following are photos showing the neighbor's land adjacent to the reserve. You can see a clear delineation between the forest of the reserve and the agricultural land.





Please donate and help us purchase and restore this piece of land.

To donate:
Jardìn Botànico Las Orquìdeas Donation Page