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Conservation Speakers for Orchid Societies

(4 speakers)
Details and arrangements can be worked out by e-mailing the speaker.

Thomas Sampliner Cleveland, OH;
e-mail: [email protected] I am retired, self taught in natural science, teach senior citizens natural science courses at a local community college, lead nature and photographic trips, write some articles with images for various publications.

Due to digital format of the shows, the host institution must have access to a digital projector..

1. "The Bee Orchids of Crete, the genus Ophrys" This fascinating genus consists of terrestrials which mimic the female of various bee species deceiving the male into thinking he has just met the lady of his dreams. Other orchids, flora and scenery help maintain a nice balance to the power point show. This is also the name of a Facebook page of which I am creator and monitor.

ophrys parts

2. The spring blooming orchids of Crete. This is a more general show which features a survey of the spring bloomers plus other flora and fauna as well as scenery and cultural depictions.

3. Sicily, a hot spot for orchids, antiquities and one very hot and active volcano. This will focus on the orchids of spring during my 2013 visit but also include other flora, cultural and scenery observations and even a little of the historical and antiquities.

etnae ruption

4. Orchids of the Great Lakes Region. a survey from my travels over the years. Rugged scenery from different habitats to a few of the birds and critters will change the pace nicely throughout the show.

 yellow ladyslippers

5. Orchid season in Manitoba Province. July is prime orchid bloom time and we are there traveling from the plains at the US border up through the bogs near Winnipeg up to the tundra of Hudson Bay. We'll take a moment to enjoy the highly intelligent Orcas cavorting in the bay as well as looking at the spectacular rugged boreal scenery.

showy ladyslipper

6. Michigan a rugged land in the Great Lakes featuring an upper and lower peninsula with a great orchid floral display.

elk mother and calf

7. Native Orchids of Ohio and their habitats. We may be only modest sized but we have a very rich assortment of orchid species. Bloom season begins in May and runs into October.

hexalectris raceme

8. Borneo, in the steps of Alfred Russel Wallace. With a smattering of orchids but also well endowed with creatures, scenery and Asian culture.

paphiopedulum lowii

9. Ontario Province's famous Bruce peninsula. the Orchid hot spot for North America.


Jean Stefanik, Manchester, NH; e-mail: [email protected]
Jean is available to Orchid Societies on a variety of topics including Native Orchids, Ecuador, Florida, New Zealand, Conservation, Orchid Displays & Judging; and to Garden Clubs "Orchids All Around Us", a combination of native orchids, conservation, and culture demonstration.  The talk on conservation details the issues with my photo examples from around the world, and also goes through the major conservation groups,  including 1%FOC,  and emphasizes that each has a different focus.  Doing SOMETHING, both locally and globally, is better than nothing!I also give a handout listing websites to check out.
Available weekdays, weekends, both daytime and evening

Jean is an Educator and Naturalist, semi-retired, whose interests include orchids, native habitats, and conservation.  She has traveled extensively worldwide, eco-volunteering and often presenting talks to groups.  She is a member of, and volunteer for the American Orchid Society,  and serve the New Hampshire Orchid Society as Conservation and Education Chairperson, and a member of the North American Native Orchid Conference.

ptobias.jpgDr. Peter Tobias, San Diego, CA, e-mail: [email protected]
Peter begins his talk outlining the three major orchid conservation organizations and there relationship to each other.  The main part of his talk is about the Orchid Conservation Alliance. It's activities and goals for orchid conservation.

Dr. Peter Tobias is Professor of Immunology at The Scripps Research Institute in La Jolla, CA.  He was the first chairman of the San Diego County Orchid Society's Conservation Committee.  He left that position in 2005 to found the Orchid Conservation Alliance (OCA).  The OCA is an American non-profit corporation with the mission of raising funds from orchid enthusiasts to preserve wild orchid habitat.

Andy in FieldDr. Andy Huber,  La Grande, OR , e-mail:[email protected]
Andy's slide show is about his work on Grande Ronde Overlook Wildflower Institute Serving Ecological Restoration (GROWISER). His approach is to try an understand and grow the whole ecosystem with orchids as the indicator plants to the health of the ecosystem. A farmer's approach to instead of growing agricultural crops, growing and
restoring nature.
Photo by Sarah West
The Observer, La Grande, Oregon newspaper article "GROWISER: The Wild Garden"

Dr. Andy Huber is a a crop and soil science associate professor with the Oregon State University Agriculture Program at Eastern, LaGrande, OR and founder of Grande Ronde Overlook Wildflower Institute Serving Ecological Restoration (GROWISER).