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Q: What is the Orchid Conservation Coalition?
A: The Orchid Conservation Coalition is a grassroots organization in every aspect of the term. It is made up of any people, organizations, and businesses that want to participate. Membership is by participation. In the beginning the Orchid Conservation Coalition was made up of a small group of people working on what could be done to promote orchid conservation.

Q: What does the Orchid Conservation Coalition do?
A: Through education, networking, and programs like the 1% for Orchid Conservation (1%FOC), the mission of the Orchid Conservation Coalition is to raise money and awareness for orchid conservation. An important part of the 1%FOC program is networking between societies, businesses, and non-profit orchid conservation organizations. In building a network with 1%FOC program it is hoped we can use the network to help launch other programs that would be useful in sustaining both in situ and ex situ orchid conservation.

Q: Why should our society or business join the 1% for Orchid Conservation program? Our society or business already donates money to orchid conservation, such as through the AOS.
A: By joining 1%FOC you help encourage other societies and businesses to consider giving and participating in orchid conservation. It is with a collective effort that we will do the most good. The 1%FOC program goal is to build an effective network where societies and businesses that want to donate money towards orchid conservation can be made aware of orchid conservation organizations and projects that can use that money. If your society or business already regularly donates to orchid conservation then those donations can be counted toward your 1%FOC commitment. Share the information on the Orchid Conservation Coalition website so that other societies and businesses wanting to donate money to a good conservation cause will be made aware of the opportunities to help.

Q: Does the Orchid Conservation Coalition take any money under 1% for Orchid Conservation program and redistribute it to orchid conservation organizations?
A: No. It will be up to participating societies and business to determine where to donate their money. We will maintain a list of nonprofit orchid conservation organizations or projects that fit the criteria set forth by 1 %FOC.

Q: Are there any administrative fees?
A: At this present time there are no administrative fees. It is possible that in the future there may have to be an administrative fee. Currently the small overhead of maintaining the website is done by donations, and time is all volunteered. If there is to be administrative fee in the future it would be used to cover grant tracking, certifying the 1% FOC mark, screening nonprofit orchid conservation organizations, maintaining and updating the website, providing advice and guidance on environmental issues and organizations, and generating and disseminating public relations materials and news releases. As business get involved in 1%FOC there would be a need for an ongoing promotional campaign to get customers to shop at businesses participating in the 1% FOC program. 1% FOC plans on keeping its overhead low, and its expenses to a minimum.

Q: Why 1% of net revenue?
A: The amount 1% of net revenue was chosen because this is a ‘hard’ number as opposed to "profits," which can vary enormously depending the costs of an organization or business. 1% of net revenue is a much more transparent and meaningful number that businesses and customers can relate to. We recognize that 1% of net revenue is a significant amount of money to donate, especially for smaller businesses. However, the negative environmental challenges we face are enormous and this affects us all. Sources of funding from government agencies and private foundations are decreasing, even while these environmental problems mount. If the private sector doesn’t respond to these needs, who will? Part of the 1% FOC contribution can also be made as in-kind support (that is, donated products or services). Since this is a charitable donation, your 1% contribution is tax deductible which is a financial advantage.Double click for the definition of net revenue in the licensing agreement. Note: The concept of 1% of net revenue was taken from 1% for the Planet.

Q: Our orchid society is not very big, and 1% of our net revenue would amount to $10.00 or less. How can we participate?
A: Every bit of participation is important. It is the pooling together of donations that will help make an impact on the conservation of orchids. A society can donate to a non-profit organization like the Orchid Conservation Alliance that will pool the contributions together, research and approve grants, and disseminate the money. You can also donate more than 1% of net revenue.

Q: How will it be known that a commitment of donation is honored?
A: The 1%FOC program is voluntary. If a society or business does not participate fully with their 1% commitment toward orchid conservation, we ask that they do not use the mark. Orchid societies don’t have anything to gain by saying they are participating but don’t. For businesses, enforcement is also currently on the honor system, but since businesses will also reap the benefits of promotion there may need to be a verification process in the future. This would be partly what an administration fee would address. The Orchid Conservation Coalition is not a top down organization, and orchid societies that feel there may be a violation by a business should question it. A business using the 1% FOC mark without participating in the program would be undermining the goals of the program and honest businesses that are participating. Business verification in the future is an open question. The Orchid Conservation Coalition may in the future have to take on a verification program similar to 1% for the Planet, or join and become part of 1% for the Planet.

Orchid Conservation Coalition does however want to track donations, progress, and results of orchid conservation projects. Individual total amounts donated by societies and business will not be given out, but a running grand total of all will be published on the website. The website will also list all societies and businesses participating.

Q: Why the need for a criteria defining orchid conservation contributions to fulfill the obligation of 1% for Orchid Conservation?
A: Societies and businesses contribute money to many worthwhile causes such as scholarships, horticultural libraries, conservatories, Orchidmania, and hopefully they will continue to do so. By defining what constitutes an in situ orchid conservation contribution, everyone is on the same page. The focus of this 1% budgeted contribution will be directed for the purpose of helping to preserve orchids in situ for the future. Hopefully tangible results will follow.