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Current Administrator: Mark Sullivan

Mission Statement: The Orchid Conservation Coalition (OCC) is a grassroots organization made up of people, orchid societies, and orchid businesses dedicated to raising awareness and money for orchid conservation.

Information on Board, Incorporation, and Tax Status of the OCC
There is no fee to participate in the OCC or 1%FOC. The OCC accepts no donations, and distributes no money. There are no board members. There are no decisions to be made because the organization is structured around agreements, and no money coming in to account for. No money means no need to incorporate. No donations accepted means no tax status. It is as non profit as you can get. The OCC was structured this way to eliminate cost and to direct energy and money directly to orchid conservation. The only expenditures are a fee for the website server, making of banners and promotional material, and some postage. Those cost are born by me which I am happy to do if it amplifies the donations to orchid conservation. The only officer is an administrator who handles mainly communications and maintains the website. Volunteers contribute to editing, writing and photographing. There are many contributions to the stories found in the habitat loss, preservation, and restoration section and the conservation articles for publication.  Volunteers are always needed. It is a grassroots movement towards orchid conservation.

The Orchid Conservation Coalition is a coalition of orchid societies, businesses, and non profit conservation organizations. The keyword is coalition. The coalition revolves around a set of agreements which are opt in or opt out. For orchid societies and small businesses the agreements are good faith. All the decision making is left to the boards of participating orchid societies and the small business owners. For large businesses, the agreement is a legally binding agreement. For non profit conservation organizations the agreement is good faith with the understanding that the organization will be transparent with the funds received through 1% for Orchid Conservation and update participants with their progress.

Volunteer Acknowledgment:

Susan Taylor, Chief Editor

Steve Topletz , designed the website and was the webmaster for the first year and a half. Currently working for another non profit.

Writers and Photographers acknowledged throughout the website.

The many unknown people who have presented and argued for the participation in the OCC and 1%FOC to their orchid societies and boards.