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Jardìn Botànico Las Orquìdeas

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Cattleya iricolor

Phragmipedium pearcei

Trail through Jardìn Botànico Las Orquìdeas

Vanilla species

Denuded pasture land adjacent to the orchid garden

Secondary restored
Secondary restored rainforest

Frog species

Truck carrying organic fertilizers to the park
Ceiba species

Orchid Habitat Restoration and Preservation 

Jardìn Botànico Las Orquìdeas    photos and text by Matt Bare and Omar Tello

  The secondary forest in the reserve after approximately 25 years of               restoration. 

Pasture surrounding the orchid reserve. This was the state of the land in the reserve before restoration.

In the year 1980 an Ecuadorian accountant bought 7 Hectares of rainforest pasture land outside of the city of Puyo, Ecuador, and began a lifelong project that would become a restoration center of Amazonian flora.
Omar Tello
Owner Omar Tello and his wife began restoring the land by planting trees, but they soon discovered that the land would not permit trees to grow, as the soil was extremely sandy and lacking in nutrients, characteristic of much of the Amazon basin. However, using organic materials such as chicken manure and sawdust, soil conditions improved and native plants began to grow. Over the years, Omar began to collect orchids from logged forests in the region and transplanted them to the reserve.
                                                                    Omar Tello and visitor

Oncidium klotzscheanum Many of these orchids initially failed to pollinate, as their pollinating insects had lost their habitat when the trees which the orchids grew on were logged. However, as the forest began to grow around the orchids, pollinating insects returned and the orchids began to pollinate independently. As the trees grew larger the canopy created shade and microclimates and springs and ponds have re-emerged from soil that had previously been barren.

Oncidium klotzscheanum

Today the orchid reserve sits on the outskirts of the growing city of Puyo. Our neighbor's land, a potential corridor between the orchid reserve and the lower Rio Puyo watershed, is currently for sale. Please donate and help us purchase and restore this piece of land.

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