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“It is a great idea that deserves to succeed not least because it involves a wide range of orchid enthusiasts more directly in supporting orchid conservation.”

Dr. Phillip Cribb, Orchid Conservation News, Issue 7, November 2005, The Newsletter of the OSG of the IUCN Species Survival Commission

“an elegant and powerful conservation strategy” “I hope the idea catches on and spreads like wildfire.”

Dr. Harold Koopowitz, Orchid Digest, Jan., Feb., Mar. 2006, Vol.70-1.
The Orchid Digest has endorsed 1% for Orchid Conservation.

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bosquedas orquideas forestThe Bosque das Orquídeas
Bosque das Orquideas get R$ 170,000.00 Reais (~$ 102,255.00 US dollars)

This project is to create a unique urban resource, The Bosque das Orquídeas, to raise local awareness of one of the richest ecosystems on earth, the Mata Atlantica, or Atlantic Rainforest in Brazil.

Arachnorchis (Caladenia) rosella
Arachnorchis (Caladenia) rosella habitat saved!
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The Orchid Conservation Coalition (OCC) is a grassroots organization made up of people, orchid societies, and orchid businesses dedicated to raising awareness and money for orchid conservation. It is through networking that people and organizations concerned with orchid conservation can be the most effective. The exchange of information among participants and non-profit orchid conservation organizations will make conservation a real aspect of orchid growing for the average orchid grower and orchid society. They can actively engage in and contribute to orchid conservation.

1% for Orchid Conservation (1%FOC)- Orchid Societies and businesses that participate in 1% FOC commit to budget 1% or more of their net revenue towards in situ orchid conservation projects of their choice. Through 1% for Orchid Conservation we want to create a network of orchid societies and businesses to raise money for in situ orchid conservation. The Orchid Conservation Coalition does not take donations or distribute money.

To recieve updates on news about the OCC e-mail: info@orchidconservationcoalition.org

Start an Orchid Society Conservation Committee
Ideas and Tips on how to Setup an Orchid Society Conservation Committee

Conservation in Australia- A Constant Vigilance
The slide show covers incidents of orchid habitat loss, rescue, and conservation attempts.

You can view "Conservation in Australia- A Constant Vigilance" online by clicking here.

Length: The show is 36 min and 50 seconds long with 101 slides. It moves at a good clip, but you can pause or rewind at anytime if you want to spend more time looking at the pictures.
The silde show is fully narrated.

For more information and download links: https://www.orchidconservationcoalition.org/slideshows.html
The slide show can be download for free. If you want a CD of it you can order it at cost. All information at the above link.

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R slayeri slide choice Diuris Chryseopsis

North American Orchid Conservation Center GO Orchids

go orchid

Go Orchids (https://goorchids.northamericanorchidcenter.org/) is a tool to explore orchids native to the U.S. and Canada. Go Orchids will initially focus on orchids in New England and the mid-Atlantic. Orchids of the southeast and Alaska will be added this year and all remaining orchids in two years.