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Tropical Research and Education Center (TREC), Homestead, FL, USA At the Tropical Research and Education Center (TREC), University of Florida, Homestead, FL, USA, we have established a long term research program on orchid production and conservation.  This is a broad program aiming to enhance and promote orchid propagation and conservation through a variety of approaches and techniques, including plant tissue culture, cryopreservation, cell growth and development, and gene expression studies.  We have established international collaboration with Brazil, Colombia, and Mexico, with the participation of graduate students, faculty, and local communities aiming conservation and sustainable production of orchids.  Furthermore, TREC plays a major role in orchid conservation as a rescue center for orchids imported illegally into the United States. Our research program is new and is quickly expanding and improving.  By keeping an open mind and exploring new possibilities we are creating new opportunities for orchid conservation. 

Recent Publications:

Vendrame, W.A., V.S. Carvalho, I. Maguire and J.M.M. Dias.  2007.  In Vitro Germination and Plant Regeneration of Cryopreserved Dendrobium Hybrid Mature Seeds.  Scientia Horticulturae. (In Press)

Vendrame, W. A., V.S. Carvalho, and I. Maguire.  2007.  In Vitro Propagation and Plantlet Regeneration from Doritaenopsis Purple Gem ‘Ching Hua’ Flower Explants. HortScience. (In Press)

Vendrame, W. A., V.S. Carvalho, J.M. M. Dias, and I. Maguire.  2007.  Pollination of Dendrobium Hybrids using Cryopreserved Pollen.  HortScience.  (Submitted)

Kauth, P.J., W.A. Vendrame, and M.E. Kane.  2006.  In Vitro Seed Culture and Seedling Development of Calopogon tuberosus.  Plant Cell, Tissue, and Organ Culture, 85:91-102.


Wagner A. Vendrame

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Tropical Research and Education Center
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