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OCI Trustess are delighted to announce the following awards for orchid conservationprojects for 2006.

A Workshop on Population Dynamics and Pollination Biology applied to Orchid Conservation, by Raymond Tremblay. The workshop will be offered at the Mariano Ospina Foundation Headquarters, or at the Botanical Gardens in Bogotá either in December 2006, or January 2007.

Epiphyte orchid distribution and population dynamics on a disturbance gradient in Andean cloud forests, proposed by Ana Maria Benavides Duque and Angela Patiño, will be carried out in an area of the world that is particularly orchid rich.

Johnson Bridgwater of WildShare International has been awarded funding to assist with an Orchid Conservation Program in the El Cielo Biosphere Reserve. This project is part of a larger program that is establishing a botanical garden, arboretum and herbarium in the El Cielo Biosphere Reserve in Mexico, as part of a conservation management plan for local inhabitants being created and implemented by WildShare International. Funding is being awarded for an element of a larger program that aims to establish an orchid display garden as well an outreach program targeting several communities within the Reserve and ecotourists who visit the Reserve.

Khaled Hamdan at the American University of Beirut has been awarded a start-up grant for his project Towards a Sustainable Orchids Monitoring Program in the Shouf Reserve in the Lebanon. The flora of Lebanon has not been revised or updated since 1960s, and the status of orchids, similar to most plant species, remains unchecked.

OCI 2006  Awards PDF (50 KB)

There is no information on OCI awards for 2007 and 2008.