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1% for Orchid Conservation Update 30
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Hello All,

Summary of News:

1. Touching Earth Ent. Co., LTD, Taiwan joins OCC
2. Update on the Nature Conservancy Burn Myrtle Head Savanna, North Carolina
3. Orchid Conservation Grants upcoming Deadlines
4. Planta Europa Wild Orchid Conservation Workshop 2015
5. Join the Native Orchid Conference for its annual seminar
6. Orchids of Manitoba

1.Touching Earth Ent. Co., LTD, Taiwan joins Orchid Conservation Coalition
Touching Earth Logo
Touching Earth Ent. Co., LTD Touching Earth is based in a lovely island Formosa, called Taiwan now, and is the distributor and promoter of orchid essences since 2014. Orchid essences are made with orchids they grow in a greenhouse on the small isle of Gigha in Scotland. The maker, Don Dennis, established Living Tree Orchid Essences Center and joins 1% FOC also. It should be noted that the method of making orchid "essences" does not involve the cutting or harming of any orchids. Touching Earth also cared about spiritual ecology and wish to bring more people to enjoy the nature and beauty of orchids in Taiwan.


2. Update on the Nature Conservancy Burn Myrtle Head Savanna, North Carolina

fire We have thinned out 10 acres, burned the north unit 2 times and the southern unit once. The response has been amazing. Where we opened up and burned, I have never seen so many Carolina Grass of Parnassus in on site.


3. Orchid Conservation Grants upcoming Deadlines

American Orchid Society Conservation Grants: August 1

New Hampshire Orchid Society Conservation Grants: Ongoing https://www.nhorchids.org/page-1579475

San Francisco Orchid Society Conservation Grants: August 1

San Diego Orchid Society Conservation Grant: September 1

4. Planta Europa Wild Orchid Conservation Workshop 2015

June 1-6, 2015.

Károly Eszterházy College, Department of Botany and Ecology, Erika Pénzesné Kónya [email protected] 6th Leányka street, Eger, Hungary


The programme of the workshop includes lectures of invited speakers about the species conservation programmes of wild orchid species in Europe and laboratory programmes on mycorrhiza isolation and seed germination practices. Field trip to special habitats of wild orchid species in the Bükk Mountains is also the part of the workshop.

Invited programme speakers: Philip Seaton, Kew Garden, Julia Jones, Crete, invited botanists from Debrecen University mycologists from Hungary.

Julia Jones has an article about her orchid conservation activities on the Orchid Conservation Coalition website:
The Orchids of Crete and their Conservation 

5. Join the Native Orchid Conference for its annual seminar in the beautiful White Mountains of NH June 1-4. Two days of fascinating presentations and two days of exciting field trips to see 1,000’s of Cypripedium acaule (including the rare alba form) in glorious bloom. For complete details, visit: www.nativeorchidconference.info

6. Orchids of Manitoba, a field guide. The first edition was published in 2005 and happily we have sold out of them. We are making some corrections, re-writes and additions to some of the sections of the book. As well we will be including Manitoba’s two new orchids, northern green orchid (Platanthera hyperborea) found in the boreal forest (and around Churchill) and broad-leaved helleborine (Epipactis helleborine), which was found in the Winnipeg area in 2007. We are running an advanced order promotion. By ordering early people get a bit of a break (CAD$20 whereas it will probably sell for CAD$25.95 in the bookstore). Note that for U.S. orders there is a shipping and handling cost of CAD$10.50 for two books. This is a time-limited promotion – advanced orders must be sent to the Advanced Order Coordinator by June 15th, 2015.

Order form:
https://www.orchidconservationcoalition.org/update/30/Order Form_2nd Edition 5_US_Int'l_20150408.pdf

Native Orchid Conservation Inc. out of Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada is a small, non-profit conservation organization dedicated to protecting unique, natural mini-ecosystems and their plant communities with a focus on native orchids, but also other rare and endangered plants.

Brokenhead Wetland Interpretive Trail Tentative, a project of the Native Orchid Conference and Debwendon, date of Brokenhead Wetland Interpretive Trail official opening: June 26th, 2015. Mark your calendar as there will be the opening ceremony, festivities, lunch, and free guided tours. Please check back to the website in early June for confirmation of the date and more details. More information: https://www.debwendon.org/ or https://www.nativeorchid.org/

More information and pictures of the Broken Wetland Interpretive Trail can be found here: https://www.orchidconservationcoalition.org/pr/brokenheadtrail.html

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Mark Sullivan
1% for Orchid Conservation
Orchid Conservation Coalition
AOS Conservation Committee Member