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Orchid Habitat Loss

Prasophyllum affine  photos and text by Alan Stephenson

P affine vincentia
Prasophyllum affine on the leisure centre site.


Leisure Centre

paffine habitat before leisure centre 1997

Orchid Habitat before Leisure Centre

existing temporary access road

The bitumen road in the photo has been considered temporary since the centre was constructed and is to be removed when the major development takes place as another road is to be constructed. Prior to this road being built numerous terrestrial species were growing where the road is now. They were P. affine (unknown number), C. hunteriana (unknown number) and Diuris aurea (beautiful flower), Diuris sulphurea, Cryptostylis erecta, Cryptostylis subulata, Glossodia major, Speculantha parviflora and several other species.

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