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Green Swamp Big Island Ecotones & Flora Pictures

(4 photos)

pocosin savanna ecotone
Pocosin Savanna Ecotone © Kelvin Taylor

Kelvin Taylor: "An ecotone is a transitional zone between two communities containing the characteristic
species of each. If a savanna goes a few years without a fire the understory of woody trees and shrubs
grow thicker thus turning the savanna into a shrub bog."

gentiana autumnalis pine barrens gentian
Gentiana autumnalis Pine Barrens Gentian © Jim Fowler

pine savanna
Longleaf Pine Savanna © Skip Pudney

green swamp boardwalk
Green Swamp pocosin boardwalk © Kelvin Taylor

Kelvin Taylor: "This boardwalk leads from first savanna to second one. As you can see without a trail it would be a tangled,
difficult bushwhack through the thick shrubby pocosin thicket."

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