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1% for Orchid Conservation Update 24
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Hello All,

Summary of News:

1. OCC Conservation slide show free for download
2. Orchid Conservation in Crete Article
3. New Hampshire Orchid Society starts Conservation Fund
4. American Orchid Society's "Help Save the Myrtle Head Savanna Orchids
    Campaign" closer to its Goal

5. Native Orchid Conservation in Wisconsin and Michigan's Upper Peninsula
6. OCC Donation Totals for 2011 
7. Orchid Show Conservation Displays

1. The OCC first Conservation slide show available for Orchid Society meetings
The slide show touches on issues of habitat loss and orchid conservation in Pennsylvania, USA, Sumatra, Indonesia; restoration at Jardìn Botànico las Orquìdeas Ecuador; conservation at EcoMinga Foundation, Ecuador and at GROWISER, Oregon, USA. The show is narrated and runs automatically on a computer and can be projected onto a screen or to a TV.

For more information and download links: http://www.orchidconservationcoalition.org/slideshows.html

The slide show can be download for free. If you want a CD of it you can order it at cost. All information at the above link.

Screen Shots:
choice slide paphiopedilum victoria regina coffee workers

2. The Orchids of Crete and their Conservation Article
orchis italica
The Greek island of Crete is botanically very rich, with a wide variety of habitats and a high level of endemism (approx.9%). However, conservation both of habitats and species has a low priority, especially in the current economic climate. Many orchid-rich meadows, particularly in coastal areas are being destroyed for building purposes, in response to the demand for property by Russian and Middle-Eastern developers.


Orchis italica © Paul Harcourt Davies

Flowers of Crete

Mission Statement:

"To heighten awareness of the endangered native flowers of Crete, with the aim to conserve and protect species and their environment for future generations."


New Hampshire Orchid Society starts Conservation Fund


The New Hampshire Orchid Society has begun a formalized conservation initiative with the goals of supporting orchid conservation locally, regionally, and globally.

The New Hampshire Orchid Society Conservation Committee is pleased to announce our grant program. This program is intended to provide funds for creative projects directly involved with and benefiting the broad mission of orchid conservation, which shall be the greatest consideration for funding decisions. This is an opportunity for both individuals and organizations to be specific in requesting funds.

Application Deadline:  Ongoing applications are accepted.


American Orchid Society Help Save the Myrtle Head Savanna Orchids Campaign

Help Save the Myrtle Head Savanna Orchids Campaign nears its goal

Goal: $10,040
Appeal Activity Report: 8/1/2011 thru 5/25/2012
Amount Raised: $8093.00
Supporters: 76 gifts from 56 donors

For more information and to make a contribution:


Native Orchid Conservation in Wisconsin and Michigan's Upper Peninsula

Arethusa bulbosaWisconsin's natural communities provide habitat for approximately 50 native orchid species and over 600 state natural areas where many orchid species are found. I am involved with a small group of native orchid enthusiasts,Friends of Carney Fen, a small group of native orchid enthusiasts, share their methods of orchid conservation including preservation, propagation and restoration of habitat locally and in the nearby Upper Peninsula of Michigan.


6. OCC Donation Totals for 2011

 $ 16,572.65 Australian Dollars

 $ 16,737.86 Canadian Dollars

 € 12,982.23 European Union Euro

 $ 214,952.98 Mexico Peso

 $ 105,516.30 Trinidad and Tobago Dollar

 £ 10,444.25 UK Pound

 $ 16,587.09 US Dollars

Total Donations since start

 $ 75,099.55 Australian Dollars

 $ 71,376.40 Canadian Dollars

 € 48,608.42 European Union Euro

 $ 849,600.84 Mexico Peso

 $ 430,190.15 Trinidad and Tobago Dollar

 £ 43,089.59 UK Pound

 $ 67,645.25 US Dollars

Plus Impact

 $ 102,255.00 US dollars


Orchid Show Conservation Displays

If Orchid Societies have a conservation information table or display at their orchid show, take a picture and send it to me. Also if you have any suggestions you would like to share with other orchid societies in putting together an orchid conservation display, let me know.

davd nc Native Orchid Display

This display was made by David McAdoo for the Triad Orchid Society's (Greensboro, NC) show along with a handout that lists the species in the state. This is the 2011 edition. David McAdoo is one of the founders of the Native Orchid Conference. http://tech.groups.yahoo.com/group/nativeorchidconference/


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Mark Sullivan
1% for Orchid Conservation
Orchid Conservation Coalition
AOS Conservation Committee Member